The Weathering Magazine - 05 - Mud (English) Maximize

The Weathering Magazine - 05 - Mud (English)

6- Spanish mudderland
12- Muddy Ameise Robot
16- WWI Stormtrooper
25- Mercury Cougar
40- Mud over My S.A.F.S.
48- Flames of Weathering
56- Soviet Spirit
This issue is in ENGLISH language.

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This issue describes in-depth the techniques to create mud effects in all forms and environments .  As always these techniques will be demonstrated by some of the most talented modellers from around the World. Explanations will cover a diverse range of modelling subjects, from figures to rally cars and of course a selection of military vehicles and science fiction subjects. Also a new section will cover paint on small scale vehicles for wargames. Finally a new and pretty character will escort us through the features, we are sure you will not want to miss.  The Weathering Magazine is the perfect painting reference source to collect and create the most comprehensive guide worthy of adding to any modelling reference library.

This issue is in ENGLISH language.