The Weathering Aircraft - 01 - Panels (English) Maximize

The Weathering Aircraft - 01 - Panels (English)

6.- MiG-29 Fulcrum
14.- Hellcat Mk.II
20.- Scribing Panels and Rivet lines

24.- T-2 Buckeye
34.- Fw190 A5
44.- F-15J
52.- Panel Line Washes over metallic finishes


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Index  - Panels

6.- MiG-29 Fulcrum
The Mig-29, the iconic symbol of the modern Russian Air Force; let’s see how Hwan Jang employs different process on this aircraft’s surface panels depending upon the base color.
14.- Hellcat Mk.II
A Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Hellcat, operating in the Pacific Theater, is the focus of an article by Jamie Pastor who expertly explains how to create the distinctive weathering and fading effects.
20.- Scribing Panels and Rivet lines
In this article you can learn the main techniques about scribing panels and rivet lines
24.- T-2 Buckeye
Julio Fuentes ventures into a model requiring a lot of work, achieving an excellent result in the end. This article shows how to enhance panel lines and other surface details by way of weathering and painting effects.
34.- Fw190 A5
Philippe Roger addresses the problem of how to make rivets and panel lines stand out on dark colors, and how to blend them into markings and insignia.
44.- F-15J
One of the more distinctive features of aggressor aircraft is their sometimes very colorful camouflage schemes. In this article, Jamie Haggo show how to emphasize the panel lines of a well-maintained Japanese F-15J over an attractive, multi-toned camouflage.
52.- Panel Line Washes over metallic finishes
Panels over metallics surfaces, no problem, in this article is showed how to do over acrilics and Alclad paints
The Rebel Alliance´s X-Wing fighters have faced the most extreme climatic conditions in their everlasting battle with the Empire. Yang Yu Pei takes the most of a very simple kit, taking weathering possibilities to the limit in panels, doors, access hatches and other surface details of this mythical starfighter.