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Panzer Aces 46 (ES)

2.- ABRAMS TVSK II, scale 1/35
14.- M-49ª2C FUEL TANKER, scale 1/35

24.-BRADLEY W/BUSK III, scale 1/35

44.- T-72 B, scale 1/35

54.- T-55 C1, scale 1/35


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2.- ABRAMS TVSK II, scale 1/35
The version of the Abrams protected with special “shingles” does turn this well known AFV into something special. José Luis López has succeeded in portraying it with a top notch paint job using his tonal gradation technique.
14.- M-49ª2C FUEL TANKER, scale 1/35

Sergio Fenoy succeeds in the challenge of portraying an extremely realistic fuel tanker which becomes the perfect canvas for all the different finishes that this kit offers.
24.- BRADLEY W/BUSK III, scale 1/35

This scale kit which includes the necessary pieces for portraying both its internal and external structure is a rather complex kit which requires many work hours and planning, simply because the hatches, trap doors and ramps and other accesses can be opened and closed. Add to that the outstanding painting abilities needed for accurately portraying the interiors displayed brilliantly by its author.
44.- T-72 B, scale 1/35

A Russian AFV with a single color scheme is the challenge that Fabrizio Pincelli takes using a punctilious technique which defines the different shapes and angles of the vehicle, choosing a pictorial treatment that is just right for obtaining a showy and highly realistic vehicle.
55.-  T-55 C1, scale 1/35

Minesweeper vehicles have a characteristic weathering pattern in the frontal areas, and the minesweeping device also has its own weathering issues as Jari Hemilla proves by closely guiding us with his research pictures always with a greater realism in mind.