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Panzer Aces 44 (ES)

2- Sd.Kfz. 173 Jagdpanther, escala 1/48
14- Sd.Kfz. 184 Ferdinand, escala 1/35
Sturmgeschûtz III Hybrid, 1/35 scale
40- Sd.Kfz. 167 Sturmgeschütz IV, escala 1/35

58- Modelling lessons: Applying and fixing pigments.


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2- Sd.Kfz 173 Jagdpanther, 1/48 scale
Tamiya’s Jagdpanther kit does in fact give the hobbyist0000 some room to recreate a number of color patterns. Jose Luis Lopez offers us one of the most unusual and attractive ones. Its impeccable work using the latest techniques and products make this a most interesting project.

14- Sd.Kfz. 184 Ferdinand, 1/35 scale
A powerful German AFV hunter, quite ahead of its time which did not meet the expected results because of its hurried production -and introduction- to the battlefield. Mario Gabàs does a highly realistic piece of work, successfully transmitting the true image of these “monsters”.

26- Sturmgeschûtz III Hybrid, 1/35 scale
A rare kit obtained by mixing parts of different vehicles to recreate a Stug III. This unusual kit by Jari Hemilä is pretty much a unique piece and a very interesting creation

40- Sd.Kfz. 167 Sturmgeschütz IV, 1/35 scale
Alejandro Quintana’s kit has a number of peculiar features: Added armoring in the frontal area (some of it hinged), and the typical camouflage conveying the shadows of the central European forests confer it a singular appearance. 

58- Modelling lessons: Applying and fixing pigments.
Pigment painting can give us a range of finishes and textures by varying the application and fixing techniques as we can very well see in this review.